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.....The Loveliness I Find in Thee, by Joseph J. Dionisio, is enriched by the tradition of lyric poetry.

.....In the title poem, "The Loveliness I Find in Thee," the beauty and harmony in "blowing white lillies" is less captivating to the poet than his beloved. By contrast, the poem titled "Ashes of Love" directs that these remains be fed to the wind and the rain. The verse "Silence without Tears" envelops and sways the reader with its cadences, while the poem "Playful Thoughts" asks the meaning of life. With varied rhythmic forms, elements of nature are used to express love, life's true purpose.

.....Herein is a book of poetry to delight and inspire, as the author's verse seems to have a fresh, fluid, and yet timeless quality, as quickly drawn images appear as if in a montage.

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